Manage your Amazon Web Services EC2 account on the go!

Manage your EC2 services

Quickly and easily manage your AWS EC2 instances while on the go. Check up on your instances, start or stop them. Create, attach or detach volumes. Make snapshots or restore from one. Forget an IP address and need to look it up quickly? Forgot to shut down that super large expensive instance after testing and you're on your way out for a week long vacation? Do that and more on Stretchables.

Stretchables main screen

Manage Your Instances

Quickly see which of your instances are still running, and which are stopped.

Review the details of each instance.

Start, stop and reboot your instances.

Volumes & Snapshots

View all your attached and available volumes.

Provision new volumes and attach them to any instance.

Make a snapshot, or restore a snapshot to a volume.

Elastic IP

Create, associate, disassociate and release any Elastic IP address.

View the details of each Elastic IP and the associated instance.

Security Groups

Create and manage your Security Groups.

View details of each security group and its rules.

Easily manage your rules for each Security Group.

Instance details screen

Multi-region support

We know that many of you have services across multiple regions, which is why we have built in support to quickly switch between regions so you can more easily manage the service in that region. Set your most often-used region as your default region too.

Multiple accounts

Stretchables also has support for multiple AWS accounts for people who manage a few different AWS accounts all at once.

More Services

We're not stopping here, support for S3 and other relevant services will be coming in future updates.

1Password Integration

We know entering your IAM credentials is tedious. That's why we've baked in 1Password support in for you :)

Support / Contact Us

Have a problem with the app, or have an awesome feature request? Let us know your problems/feature requests at and we'll try to get back to you as quickly as we can!