Quick & easy Chinese and Hong Kong units converter

Always find yourself dealing with Chinese measurements and wonder how they measure up in Metric units? Shizhi helps you convert all the typical Chinese and Hong Kong measurement units for length, area, volume & mass so that you never have to get confused again, anymore!

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Shizhi main screen


Shizhi uses side by side, on-the-fly conversion. Roll the picker to select the units to convert, or tap on a button to toggle between the different conversion modes. Shizhi automatically recalculates the units for you as you change your selections.

Settings screen


Shizhi converts between Chinese units as well as Hong Kong (Cantonese) units. Convert between length, area, volume and mass, to a metric unit.


We don't want to leave anyone out — so we've made Shizhi accessible. VoiceOver will read out your unit and it's conversion aloud, and we're continually improving the accessible interface to make it even easier for users with eyesight impairments.

Need Support?

Have a problem with the app, or have an awesome feature request? Let us know your problems/feature requests at and we'll try to get back to you as quickly as we can!