ComicBox for iPad

A new, easy to use comic reading experience for your comics on your iPad!

Escape into a world of comics!

Your comic reading experience on your iPad shouldn't be frustrating. Controls shouldn't be bothering you or stopping you from turning that next page. That was why we made ComicBox for iPad - we made it to give you an easy to use comic reader with a speedy and distraction-free reading experience.

Simply download your cbr, cbz, zip or rar comic archives into the app via iTunes or Dropbox, and start reading! Organize your comics just like the old days in "boxes". ComicBox also helps you keep track on which what comics you've read and which ones you've not in your box, by showing each individual comic's reading progress, so you'll never accidentally re-open a comic you've finished reading again!

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ComicBox Features

ComicBox main screen


ComicBox helps you organize your comics in the most vintage, familiar way — in "boxes"! Easily create and edit comic boxes, and start tossing your comics into those boxes! No more large, messy libraries — just tap to choose the box you want to read your comics from, and start reading!

ComicBox main screen


ComicBox supports the most common comic book formats — .cbr, .cbz, .zip and .rar.

Loading your comics into ComicBox is also easy — load your comics via iTunes, Dropbox or Box. To load your comics using Dropbox/Box, simply sign in with your Dropbox/Box account and you'll find a "ComicBox" folder in your Dropbox/Box. Just toss your comics in there, easy!

To load your comics using iTunes, just drag and drop your comic files into the ComicBox app section in iTunes > Your iPad > Apps, and it'll automatically copy the files in and import into ComicBox.

ComicBox main screen


Controls shouldn't get in the way of your reading. That is why ComicBox espouses chrome-less reading — the app controls hide on a single tap, to give you a distraction-free reading experience. Easily swipe left or right to go to the previous or next page, and pinch to zoom. Simple as that!

You can read your comics in portrait or in landscape mode.

ComicBox main screen


ComicBox shows you your reading progress within your box — so you can always easily see where you are in a collection straight from the box view itself. You'll never have to wonder what was the last comic you read, or accidentally open a comic that you've finished reading. ComicBox also remembers the page you are on for each comic too!

ComicBox main screen


A gorgeous user interface designed by the awesome designer kailoon, to bring back those memories of old days in comic book shops and comic boxes in the attic! Immerse yourself in the old-school charm; sit back, and enjoy your comics.


We ♥ ComicBox.

We made ComicBox because we use it ourselves, and we're not done with it yet. We've got plenty of new features and improvements planned for ComicBox and we intend to continue to update it with even more awesome features.

We are also committed to providing great customer support. We love it when you love our products, and we'd like you to have the best experience with ComicBox. Drop us a line if you have issues, and we'll help to sort it out for you!

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions first - see if the issue you're having is in there.


Have a problem with the app, or have an awesome feature request? Let us know your problems/feature requests at and we'll try to get back to you as quickly as we can!